Welcome to Lund (and Sweden)

I finally managed to set up the internet in my room today, yay! The process itself was quite simple but it took me a day to work out the online registration form meant by 'SSN'. I asked practically everyone but IT support was naturally the most helpful :) Thus begins another chapter in my life...

I arrived in Lund on Sunday but was unable to move in straightaway because the International Housing Office is closed on weekends. To cut a long story short, I moved in early yesterday afternoon and below is a photo of my room. I shall take another one in a few months you can compare before and after.


My room is on the top floor of the building (up three flight of stairs so I shall get exercise everyday) and not exactly in either corridor. As you can see from the picture, it is spacious and well-furnished. I quite like it, especially after buying a pillow and blanket (IKEA of course...) from the university today :)

I've met some of the other people living on my floor - a girl from China, four Swedish boys and two other exchange students (a Canadian girl and an English boy). The rest are still on holidays or yet to move in. They all seem quite friendly so I think (and hope) we will get along! Our corridor is apparently one of the cleaner ones but the building also has a reputation for parties. Sigh...

Cute houses in an older part of Lund (not where I live unfortunately)
I have hardly taken any photos since arriving. Perhaps I should but I don't really feel the need to... I have months to take all the photos I want!


  1. Spacious room...nice surroundings. Hmmm.. begin to settle now. Well done!! Love mum/dad

  2. Hi Mum/Dad!

    Yes, it's really quite spacious :) Almost as big as my own room at home! Plus I have my own en suite :D Beginning to settle in... Thanks so much for your support! I couldn't have done this without you!!

    Shu-Ling xoxo

  3. Looks like a very comfy place :) you should enjoy parties once they have it :D lots of fun!

    and they've got IKEA in uni!?

  4. Ha ha, there's no IKEA in uni. A big truck delivered all the pillows and blankets to the registration building :) I have visited IKEA only once so far in Sweden - apparently the second largest one in the world!


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