Bergen (day 8)

Just when I had started to acclimatise to Finland, I find myself in a new country with a different currency and time zone. I am now eight hours behind Melbourne... Despite taking two flights and half a day to reach Bergen, my mind buzzed with energy on arrival. I've always felt first impressions were important and my first glimpse of Norway was of dramatic mountains in the midst of shimmering water. It was the most spectacular landscape I've seen and I thought it looked like a scene from The Lord of the Rings.

After checking in to the cutest room in a guesthouse built around 1865, I caught the Fløibanen Funicular to the top of Fløyen mountain. I was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful weather because Lonely Planet said to expect rain or showers at least 275 days of the year. I must be super lucky :)

Another famous attraction in Bergen is Bryggen, the old medieval quarter and UNESCO World Heritage site. You will see these buildings on every postcard of Bergen and they are located by the harbour where I tried fish cakes made from catfish and a cinnamon bun supposedly only available in Bergen.

Fish cakes made from catfish (20 NOK a piece)


  1. looks like pancake!

    my mum said you so go to the arctic circle one day to see the mid-night sun! she went long time ago and said it was very interesting!

  2. Bryggen is a unique medieval quarter!!Ah.. fish cakes/cinnamon bun - taste good!! Love mum/dad


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