Almost the end of my second week in Lund and it's beginning to feel like home :) I have been enjoying Swedish lessons (8 - 11am) for the past two weeks but the course ends with a multiple-choice exam tomorrow. The semester begins next week and I will have my first lecture on Wednesday.

I spent half of yesterday in Malmö (the third largest city in Sweden, a 15 - 20 minute train ride from Lund). I was there to see Big Fox, Jennie Abrahamson and September play at Malmöfestivalen. Good music, good food and good friends, I had a wonderful time :) Best of all, all the concerts were free!

Big Fox - delicate, quirky pop (just the way I like it!)

 Jennie Abrahamson - has been on the radio quite a bit lately...
September - extravagant dance pop with an infectious beat


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