The Final Countdown...

The enormity of the journey I'm about to embark on is yet to fully sink in. Today marks my last weekend at home for six months. When I commented on this to my mum, she replied, "To me, you'll always be at home". 

This made me feel a little better but as one friend reminded me on Friday, I'm going to be away from everyone I know for the next six months. While not exactly true (I do have one friend in Finland), I think I have been mentally prepared for quite a while now. I'm ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

After spending the whole of yesterday re-arranging and adding things to my suitcase, my packing is just about finished. There is nothing like a well-packed suitcase to make one feel prepared for the adventure ahead. Tucked between my clothes are three packets of Tim Tams - souvenirs for the people I'll hopefully befriend along the way :)

I've never been much of a fan of music from the 80s but the following song was rather appropriate, especially given Europe is a Swedish band!


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