Two weeks, already?

After close to two weeks of indecision, I finally bought a bike, yay! I feel a little more like a citizen of Lund because almost everyone here seems to have one... even the mayor recommended buying one!

My first lecture is this Wednesday (Global Governance and Democracy - from now on, GGD) and I have another on Thursday (The Politics of the Environment and Sustainable Development - from now on, PoE). It feels a little strange thinking I haven't attended a lecture or written an essay since May while my friends in Melbourne are already halfway through semester!

I baked apple cake yesterday which was wonderfully moist and yummy :) I can't believe both cakes are already finished but I'm glad everyone liked it. One of the boys joked I should start selling cakes but I doubt I will have as much time to bake once uni starts! The apple cake recipe can be found here.

I shall fill you in on my first official day of uni but until then, here is another picture of my room. I think I'll go out for a ride now while the sun is still out!


  1. haha you can be the cake lady :)
    i see there are more things in your room now :)

  2. You are living the life Shling! Hehe your bike adventures sound so sweet and whimsical :)

  3. Shling!!! Oh my gosh so exciting I can comment somehow!!! Yay for the bike and cakes :)

  4. Ginger: I found an extra bag of sugar in cupboard last week that wasn't mine... Perhaps someone was trying to send me a message?

    Michelle: There's nothing quite like feeling the wind in your face and your cardigan flap behind you as you ride your bike ;) But I do have to be careful and mind the road rules!

    Stella: Thanks Stella! When people ask me why I decided to spend a semester in Sweden, I like to begin with the story of my friend who was on exchange from Fudan University and how much she has inspired me :)

    Janelle: Yay!! I'm so glad you can finally comment and look forward to hearing more from you :D

  5. Mum/Dad : Cycling - Take good care!


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