Bergen (day 10)

I'm writing this from Bergen Airport, one hour before my flight to Copenhagen. I woke up yesterday and suddenly realised it was my last day of holidays. Tomorrow (i.e. today) I would be setting up a new life in Lund.

It's comforting to think only one last flight exists between me and Lund. After arriving at the airport, I shall catch the train to Lund, find my way to the place I'm staying tonight and hopefully move into my own place tomorrow!

In the meantime, I shall quickly write about the Norway in a nutshell tour (round trip from Bergen via Voss) I went on yesterday. It was the only tour I actually paid for this trip and I will let the photos speak for themselves.

The two hour cruise through Aurlandsfjord was no doubt the highlight of the tour but I also enjoyed the scenic train ride from Flåm to Myrdal. The bus ride from Voss to Gudvangen - down the steepest road in Norway (Stalheimskleiva) - was also quite exciting. The back of the bus was supposedly 2.5 metres higher than the front at its steepest point!

Note: I am finishing this entry from the university library in Lund (two days later) so I am unable to post any more photos for the moment.


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