Bergen (day 9)

Today began well with one of the best breakfasts I've ever had and it was served to me at my table! I felt really special and it made me realise the importance of breakfast and how it can affect the rest of the day :) It was worth every krone staying at Skansen Pensjonat but I've unfortunately had to change accommodation because there weren't any more free beds...

I thought I should visit a few museums in Bergen so I made my way to Bergen Museum (natural history and cultural history collections) and Bergen Maritime Museum, conveniently located next to each other and free for students :)

Exhibition on pollen analysis

I found the natural history collection more interesting than the cultural history one. There was a fascinating exhibition on pollen analysis together with rooms filled with rocks, minerals (Australian gold!) and hundreds of stuffed animals. 

It was a little creepy as they all looked so life-like, especially those with bared teeth! I think I have been watching too much 'Night at the Museum'... I thought they might eat me but the ant-eater and birds were cute!


I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed the Maritime Museum. From Viking ships built c.800 AD to modern ocean liners, I have developed a new appreciation for model ships and especially liked the old maps and drawings.

Food is ridiculously expensive in Norway. Postage is expensive too - 14 NOK (2.45 AUD) vs. 0.75 EUR (1 AUD) in Finland. I guess Norway is further from Australia but more than double? I hope things are more reasonable in Lund...


  1. Delicious breakfast!! Interesting Bergen Museum !! love mum/dad

  2. I loved your photos from this post. The viking ship looks cool but hard to row! keep having fun ;)


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