Österlen tour

I went on a short tour of the Österlen region today with two bus loads of international students. The tour was an optional part of the orientation program but I really enjoyed the scenery and of course, meeting new people. 

Ales Stenar: Sweden's largest stone ship setting, set atop some extremely windy cliffs! Little is known about when or why it was built...

Glimmingehus: It looks so much bigger inside... The castle was brought to life through a guided tour given by a very enthusiastic lady :) Glimmingehus was never attacked (unsurprising, given all its in-built defence mechanisms!)

We finished the day with a short visit to Kiviks Kungagraven and Kiviks Musteri, apparently 'home to Skåne's best known and loved cider mill'. There were apples everywhere, an apple garden, apple orchard, apple postcards...


  1. hope you make lots of friends on the bus!!!

    the scenery is very different to aus but very beautiful! now i feel like some cider :P

  2. Thanks for your comments Ginger and Michelle! They make me feel less alone ;)

    Ginger: Still a bit early to tell if I have made friends on the bus but I did meet some nice people. It's definitely more green here :)

    Michelle: I love apples too! It will be autumn next week and apple season :)


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