Turku (day 5)

I woke up this morning and my first thought was, 'I don't want to leave Turku'. I think it is a combination of the city itself, the place I'm staying and the fact that there is actually one person in this city who I can call a friend.

I really, really do hope I will be back in Turku one day but until then, I will treasure my memories in this city and Moominworld. I found Moominworld quite different to the Moominvalley Museum so I'm really glad I went to both! Moominvalley Museum was for appreciating the original illustrations while the aim of Moominworld was to re-create the stories and characters themselves.

A Japanese couple held their wedding in front of Moominhouse above a few years ago... It really is a cute house but my favourite was seeing little kids run excitedly up to Moominmamma to give her a big hug. I didn't hug her myself but she held my hand the same way my mum holds my hand...

After returning from Moominworld, I packed my suitcase with much reluctance and went out in search of a supermarket. Better than sitting in my room feeling sorry for myself! I bought two apples and a packet of corn crisps. I came across a group of three buskers along the way (two guitars and one harp) playing and singing Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' which was rather funny as I had just been talking about it with Paulamaija earlier today!


  1. Dad said : Beautiful and happy albino look alike Hippo
    Mum said :Lovely and cute photos. Thank you Paulamaija for you kind hospitality to Shu-Ling. All the best to you.

  2. Dad: I was literally shaking with laughter after reading your comment...

    Ginger: I know! It's even more adorable inside :) I want to live in Moominhouse!!


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