Turku (day 4)

I went out for dinner yesterday with my friend Paulamaija and we talked until it was almost 10pm! She is a wonderful person and I feel so lucky to have met her through the Scandinavian Club at uni :) We are going to Moominworld today (yay!) but before that I will quickly write what I did yesterday...

I caught the bus to Turku Castle after breakfast and spent two hours exploring the narrow stone passages of the castle. It was a fascinating step back in time and there were thankfully few tourists early in the day. There two rooms of wooden carvings (saints and religious figures) from the 1400s...

I walked back along the river and caught the föri across. Lonely Planet describes it as 'the much-loved local pedestrian ferry' linking both sides of the river more than a hundred years! It's free so I went back and forth :)

Turku is the European Capital of Culture together with Tallinn this year and this explains the variety of art installations I've seen... The one below right is called 'Flower Drops' and is made from recycled plastic. So pretty...

Below is the Hot Cube, a sauna on the river... I stood there puzzling how people got in... A lady eventually came along and answered my question!

 Finally, me being me I simply had to visit the City Library...


  1. Did you use the sauna? Sounds like an interesting place!

  2. Nice and quiet town. Where is the 'Flower Drop' hang on to? Good to have a local friend with you. Enjoy moominworld tomorrow. Love Dad/Mum/Bro

  3. Ginger: I didn't use the sauna but it's part of the SaunaLab project for the Capital of Culture. There is another sauna shaped like a garlic and one that is transparent in the middle of town but I didn't get to see them...

    Mum: Paulamaija has been so kind and welcoming and yes, I love Turku! The 'Flower Drop' hangs on wire across a bridge and there are several of them.

  4. Thank you for the invite Shu-Ling! I had so much fun visiting Moominworld today, I hope you did too :) And it was really nice to have you visiting Finland and Turku. I'll look forward to all your posts from Sweden, you're going to have an amazing time there. Enjoy the remainder of your stay in Finland and have fun in the rest of Scandinavia!


  5. No worries :) Thank you so much for everything Paulamaija! You have made my stay in Turku so much more memorable and I definitely enjoyed visiting Moominworld and Naantali with you. I hope we will meet again in Finland or Australia!


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