Lund (week 1)

It feels like ages since I last updated my blog (only two days?!), maybe because so much has happened in the past few days... I can't believe it's already Friday and halfway through orientation! I will try my best to make this post as interesting as possible but it won't be as exciting as Finland or Bergen!

Settling into a new home will always be difficult, even more so in a foreign country. I've been setting myself little goals to accomplish each day :)

Monday   Moved into my room in Parentesen and finally unpacked...

Tuesday  Registered at the university, set up internet in room

Lund Cathedral - yet to enter...


Attended General Information Market to learn a bit more about the different Nations (to be explained later) and General Information Meeting, also attended my first Swedish language class (språk = languages, click 'Listen')


Met my co-ordinator and had my subjects all sorted ('The Politics of the Environment and Sustainable Development', 'Global Governance and Democracy' and 'Swedish Politics'), also went to the Migration office in Malmö to do my residence permit card (not an experience I would like to repeat...)

Baked a batch of chocolate muffins to soothe my cake cravings... I had to make do with ingredients in the kitchen and improvised with a 50mL measuring cup. Cut them in half and shared them round. They were much appreciated and earned me the 'responsibility' of baking for the corridor :)


Had my second Swedish class (beginners course, held over the two weeks of orientation... learnt the Swedish alphabet, numbers and some hello/good bye phrases), got my student ID card and did my second lot of grocery shopping

From the Faculty of Engineering - perhaps it holds some mystical mathemical meaning?


  1. OH~ you have an oven to bake? you can make lots of yummy snacks to nibble!

    the engineering thing looks like two cones attached together to me.

  2. Mum/Dad : Good girl!, you have done a lot in a week!!


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