Turku (day 3)

Woke up once again at 5am... so I did the usual (update blog, reply email). I also went to a Finnish supermarket for the first time and bought bread (1.15 EUR) and cheese (1.99 EUR). I was a bit worried about the bus frequency on weekends but I ended up reaching the train station one hour early.

I noticed fewer lakes on the way to Turku and more farms. The photo below has been digitally altered to eliminate reflections from the train window so I hope you don't mind! It was difficult trying to capture good photos...

I arrived in Turku just as it started to drizzle (enough to wet the ground). I found the bed & breakfast quite easily but was dismayed to find two flights of stairs worse than yesterday. The owner came out to greet me and when I asked if there was a lift, he laughed and pointed at himself!

I decided to take the rest of the day easy. This is my first time staying in a B&B and I quite like the home away from home atmosphere. I did some washing and because I'll be staying here for the next three nights, I unpacked some of my suitcase. There are things all over the floor and bed now so it looks exactly like my own bedroom! My parents wouldn't be proud of me...

I decided to actually treat myself to my first proper meal in Finland and went to a lovely cafe with an awesome vintage vibe :) The two little photos are from a doll house on my table. Aren't they cute?

I ordered a karjalanpiirakka (a traditional Finnish pie filled with rice with egg butter spread over the top) and a salmon salad. Both were delicious!

I ended up walking to Turku Cathedral despite my intention not to do any sight-seeing today. After my slightly disappointing experience at Temppeliaukio Church, I am pleased to report it exceeded my expectations. It is the biggest church I have ever seen and simply awe-inspiring...


  1. The owner was funny! Was this like a stop over before you moving into your dorm?

  2. The owner has a sense of humour.
    Yummy/delicious... food.
    Yes, cute doll house!!

  3. Ginger: It's my mini-holiday before orientation starts (16 August). I hadn't planned on visiting Finland this early but Moominworld closes at the end of August (for the winter) so I had to come now ;)

    Mum: Ha ha, the owners are so kind :) They even gave me a bunch of Swedish coins yesterday... Yes, I've been spending a bit more on food in Turku but shall be more careful back in Helsinki. Still under budget!


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