Helsinki (day 1)

I'm writing this in a little cafe in the centre of Helsinki, not too far away from the Parliament House (my next stop so please don't expect a long post). 

After spending virtually one whole day in a plane or airport, I finally arrived this morning at 6:20am (Helsinki is 7 hours behind Melbourne). The bus ride from the airport was pleasant. I was so absorbed in the scenery... It took me several minutes to realise we were driving on the right side of the road!

I arrived at the Central Railway Station and had to make my way to my hostel. I unfortunately got a bit lost in the station but some friendly locals pointed me in the right direction and I found my hostel eventually. They have trams here that look quite similar to the ones we have in Melbourne!

After dropping off my suitcase in the luggage room, I went to check out Temppeliaukio Church as recommended by my Finnish friend. The peaceful atmosphere was somewhat ruined by the many tourists snapping away with their cameras...

Oh well... I think half the fun is wandering the streets of Helsinki so I'm not too fussed. Well, one hour before the English tour starts at the Parliament House. I might quickly check out a few shops before then.


  1. It looks amazing My dearest Uni Buddy :P
    Have fun !!!

  2. Glad and happy you arrive at Helsinki. Mum/Dad love you


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