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The year that was... (2020)

2020..... so much optimism for the new DECADE and instead... this. I remember seeing tweets about "coronavirus" in January (perhaps in late 2019?). Then, it was just a word. wow. I had hoped to apply for writing residencies in China. While colleagues continued to plan summer trips to Europe, I laid my plans to sleep early. I started working from home the week before my 29th birthday. For 11 consecutive days , I did not leave home. Not even to walk around my neighbourhood. Later, we (Victorians) would be restricted to a 5km radius from our homes, and a night-time curfew introduced. For months, we were allowed to leave home for only four reasons: Essential shopping for food and supplies Caregiving Exercise Essential work and study Fortunately, I was able to attend a friend's wedding in Sydney in early March. I had intended to tack a visit to Canberra on to that trip but Mum suggested going another time.  "So you can have two holidays."  HA! I wish I had ignored he

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