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NYWF 2021

Still reflecting and dreaming about National Young Writers' Festival (30 Sep - 3 Oct). NYWF 2021 was thoughtful, exciting and fun. It pushed the idea of a writers festival and held space for care, vulnerability, sharing, dreaming, and working towards possibilities. I feel so grateful, humbled and happy to have been an artist at this year's festival. Thank you Lur Alghurabi, Haneen Mahmood Martin, Merryana Salem, Isobel Marmion, Saoirse Nash,  Michael Louis Kennedy, Jack Gow and the NYWF Board. Thank you to all the artists and everyone who attended. You can re-watch events via Facebook or YouTube . Photo: Leila Lois * I first attended NYWF in 2015 . I remember fangirling Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen , Zoya Patel , Roz Bellamy and Hera Lindsay Bird from afar. I didn't know a single person but met Sonia Nair and her friends as we waited outside a venue. NYWF was hectic but welcoming. The Late Night Readings were wow... just wow.  I will forever remember squishing into the Roya

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