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When precisely does a book come into being? A practical person might reply, "When the first copy is printed." There are many steps before this: pre-release publicity, (truly!) final edits, submitting the first draft, official announcement, signing the contract and so forth. Tonight, I sent my wonderful publisher Somekind Press  (truly!) final final edits on my essay collection Echoes , to be sent to the printer this week. It still does not feel real. It did not feel real when the book was announced (4 Sep), when I submitted the first draft (9 Sep), when my friend Zoya interviewed  me for radio (mid Sep), when my editor and I submitted the manuscript for layout (early Oct), or when I received the first layout (20 Oct). It won't feel real until I receive the book and hold it in my hands!!!!! * I'll have more to say about the proces of writing Echoes but for the moment, I want to tell you a little bit about the book. It is a collection of three essays about my relationsh

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