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pink! pink! pink!

Evening, St Kilda Road  (c. 1930) - Clarice Beckett A dear friend and I recently visited the  Clarice Beckett—Atmosphere exhibition at Geelong Gallery.  It was absolutely delightful .  The soft fuzziness to her paintings... swoon. I love the way Beckett captures light, particularly light on wet roads and water and dusk. I've tried before to write about the colours of twilight but it's IMPOSSIBLE. a previous attempt: Light cornflower blue/lavender à baby blue à pale yellow (narrow band/ribbon) à apricot/peach (dominant), gold into pink undertones. Gentle. Purple blue à yellow à orange (vivid, dystopic, gritty). Darker purple to darker orange. Blue à bruise à red-copper/old bloodstain/rust/teabag. Less and less distinguishable, meld. Beckett's paintings capture the luminosity and MOOD of dusk. oh! I love how the street-lights in Evening, St Kilda Road , one of my favs, hover like fairy-lights. The feeling of returning home. The faint shadow of the city skyline~~~~~

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