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A few of my favourite things (2020)

Songs Small FRY's show Mooncake, which features music from Asian and Asian diaspora artists, introduced me to several favourites, including Jaguar Jonze's cover of ' Toxic ', Jasmine Sokko - ' I Like It ', Sum ie - ' Upp Ur Mörkret ', and Violette Wautier - ' Smoke '. You can listen  on Triple R 102.7FM Wednesday midnight to 2am and catch up on episodes here . I especially love the playlists for 31 December 2020 and 5 November 2020. Thanks Small FRY !!! Other favourites: Lucy Sugerman - ' i wanna kiss boys cos i'm bored ', Friday Night Plans' cover of ' Plastic Love ',  박진영 (J.Y. Park) - ' When We Disco (Duet with 선미 ) ', and San Mei - ' Cherry Days ' and cover of ' Ribs ' (I regret not seeing San Mei live in late 2019). Finally, it is little wonder the song I listened to most on Spotify was Katherine Ho's cover of ' Yellow '. I played it on repeat as I wrote  Echoes  and learnt the lyr

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