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30 Rabbits, 30 Poets

To celebrate 30 issues of Rabbit Poetry Journal, I was one of 30 poets invited to read as part of '30 Rabbits, 30 Poets' at Melbourne Spoken Word Festival Online.I read 'empty bed', published in Issue 29: Lineages and inspired by Ang Lee's adaptation of Eileen Chang's Lust, Caution. I was so grateful to be selected by guest editors Chi Tran and Matthew Hall and to be published alongside beloveds Zhi Yi Cham and Panda Wong <3I woke up early on a Tuesday to record because I didn't feel like it on the weekend. I love reading. It was unexpectedly fun to record. I might record more videos ha ha.When I discovered I was Leo moon and rising, I was in denial for months. (I had thought I was Cancer moon.) But..... it makes sense! Please invite me to do more readings, thanks! x
empty bedclimb steps to upper level of ding dingsit mirroring Wong Chia Chi in Lust, Cautionthe only moment she appears truly happyhair damp from chasing tram through rainexhilarated post-sta…

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