Oslo (day 3 - Sunday)

Having managed to tick off everything I wanted to visit within two days, I set out on Sunday with not a single specific plan in mind. I thought myself a little foolish at first for spending an extra 'unnecessary' day in Oslo but looking back, it was actually quite liberating and a perfect way to end my stay.

Slightly off the beaten track
I met J from Sydney who was on exchange in Amsterdam. We were staying in the same room but she was checking out as she was flying back later that day. One of the joys of travelling is crossing paths with people you would never otherwise meet. We had such a nice time chatting... It was difficult having to part ways so I hope I can visit her in Amsterdam!

I satisfied my cravings for Asian food - amazing sushi for lunch (I watched the man making them, he took his time...) and yummy beef stir-fry for dinner.

I wandered back to Grünerløkka - an area K introduced me to the day before as we walked to her friend's house-warming party. Within walking distance just north of the CBD, it reminds me of Brunswick/Fitzroy. I love it! The best part was the Sunday market where I stumbled upon the perfect dress for this Saturday's International Ball for only 60 NOK (10 AUD)!

I left Oslo on Monday with a heavy heart but full of happy memories. I had made some new friends and caught up with an old one. I am so, so grateful to K for showing me a side of Oslo most tourists would never see. The downside is that I unfortunately have quite a bit of homework to catch up on. Don't expect another post for a while!

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