Home Sweet... Parentesen?

I suppose you might be wondering what it's like to live in a student corridor and what the people I live with look like... Here are some photos from a traditional kräftskiva (crayfish) party we organised one month ago. 

Mmm... crayfish

At the time, I had been living in Lund for three weeks and yet to attend a party. We all wore crayfish paper hats, ate crayfish (of course!), drank snaps and sang traditional Swedish songs. I had a really good time and it was a lot of fun! Can't wait for the next party (Friday 7 October).
The only non-Swedes at the party were three English boys, a Canadian girl and me. It was super-exciting to experience a real Swedish tradition while getting to know one's corridor mates a little better. Everyone is really friendly. I love living in Parentesen A4 (building A, level 4) - best corridor ever!
Kokostoppar and kärleksmums

With super-cute L
Charged with providing dessert, I baked kärleksmums (chocolate brownies) and kokostoppar (coconut tops) from a recipe book I borrowed from the library. I'm in charge of desserts again for the next party and plan to make raspberry cupcakes because the theme is 'pink vs. green'.


  1. Dad/Mum : We like to taste the crayfish!! Dad loves crayfish!

  2. Ha ha, they were frozen crayfish so they tasted ok but not that special... The whole idea of eating crayfish was more important than the taste!


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