Home Sweet... Parentesen?

I suppose you might be wondering what it's like to live in a student corridor and what the people I live with look like... Here are some photos from a traditional kräftskiva (crayfish) party we organised one month ago. 

Mmm... crayfish

At the time, I had been living in Lund for three weeks and yet to attend a party. We all wore crayfish paper hats, ate crayfish (of course!), drank snaps and sang traditional Swedish songs. I had a really good time and it was a lot of fun! Can't wait for the next party (Friday 7 October).
The only non-Swedes at the party were three English boys, a Canadian girl and me. It was super-exciting to experience a real Swedish tradition while getting to know one's corridor mates a little better. Everyone is really friendly. I love living in Parentesen A4 (building A, level 4) - best corridor ever!
Kokostoppar and kärleksmums

With super-cute L
Charged with providing dessert, I baked kärleksmums (chocolate brownies) and kokostoppar (coconut tops) from a recipe book I borrowed from the library. I'm in charge of desserts again for the next party and plan to make raspberry cupcakes because the theme is 'pink vs. green'.

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