I started this post one week ago but have a legitimate excuse for not finishing it. I was unfortunate enough to be part of the first group to present for PoE but at least it's 25 per cent of my grade I don't have to worry about anymore. More importantly, I gained three new friends in the process :)

I decided to celebrate with a large bowl of raspberry sorbet and went sight-seeing with a friend in Copenhagen the next day. We caught the train over ├śresund Bridge and were in Denmark in less than hour - the same amount of time it takes me to travel from home to Melbourne...

Nyhavn - over 300 years old, adding to its charm
We visited all the usual tourist attractions - Nyhavn, Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle and Christiania. As much as I enjoy travelling on my own, I was really glad to have gone with A :) She did all the planning while I did the map-reading. The weather was beautiful but more importantly, I had someone to share the happy memories with!

Amalienborg Palace - in front of Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary's residence
The royal family was home (you can tell from the raised flag) but we didn't get to see them :( I did manage to fulfill my Danish pastry craving though!

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