Oslo (day 1 - Friday)

I'm now here in Oslo on a 'nanotrip' (a short, eventful trip to a major city - according to Norwegian's in-flight magazine). I arrived Friday morning and I can say it is a beautiful city with a very artistic, relaxed vibe. I love it!

My first stop was the Nobel Peace Center. Not just a museum about the Nobel Peace Prize, it also contained exhibitions on humanitarian aid and refugees. It reminded me how extremely lucky I was to have never experienced war. Not your usual tourist attraction but very inspiring!

Next stop was the National Gallery. I was expecting hordes of tourists crowded around 'The Scream' (Edvard Munch) but I actually ended up having it all to myself :) Visitors were not allowed to take photos in the Munch room but it was fascinating to observe how artistic styles have changed over time.

Sommernatt (Summer Night) (1866) - Kitty Kielland
I finished off day 1 catching up with K, a Norwegian girl who was on exchange at Melbourne Uni last semester. We went for a drink at a café/bar with another of her girlfriends. A bottle of pear cider cost 68 NOK (11 AUD).

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