Thursday in New York (day 19)

Catching up with blog posts from over a week ago... 

Sometimes I feel it was all a dream.

Until I see the souvenirs littering my room.

It rained on my last Thursday in New York.

It seemed appropriate see Ground Zero in the drizzle.

All those lives unnecessarily cut short.

I found myself in East Village (again) where I bought a few secondhand dresses and had lunch at Momofuku ssäm bar.

Ordered o.g. momofuku ssäm (pork shoulder, black beans, hoisin, kimchi). An unassuming pork wrap with flavours that seemed to hit you in the face. It was really good...

In the evening, I visited the Tenement Museum in Lower East Side (on the recommendation of a friend).

Sometimes we forget that history is created by people...


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