Gov Ball 2014 (day 20 - 22)

Slowly, slowly making my way to the end of my trip.

I discovered Governors Ball (a three-day music festival) by accident while searching for concerts in New York.

And what a happy, happy accident it turned out to be...

Three days of beautiful weather, music and dancing.

(No wonder I look so happy.)

A music festival is an experience.

A celebration of music but also so much more...

Waiting 45 minutes to secure a prized spot at the front.

Bonding with strangers over music, dancing or just because you're all standing behind the 'tall guy' (and can't see).

The wait is worth it.

And while you may never see your 'new friends' again,
you've shared a moment with them.

You feel so alive, young and carefree. It's magic...



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