Niagara Falls (day 13)

Spent the day at Niagara Falls.

It was spectacular... so glad I went!

(Why are mothers always right?)

Went on the iconic Maid of the Mist boat ride.

It took us close to the base of American Falls and Horseshoe Falls. Water sprayed at us from all directions. 

I couldn't see through the white so I started laughing.

Simply thrilling. I felt so happy to be alive.

Spent the afternoon walking around the Niagara Falls State Park. Took more photos of the waterfall (and daisies).

Then walked across Rainbow Bridge to Canada.

View from Canada


  1. Shu-Ling, mum is dreaming that she is at Niagara Falls!

  2. Rainbow!! I didn't know Niagara Falls is so close to Canada.


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