You know Christmas is coming when...

A tree magically appears in the middle of Mårtenstorget

Stars shine even during the day...

You buy few extra to keep :)

And you can't wait to try Christmas cider!

Waiting for the first signs of snow nevertheless... According to Lundagård (Sweden's oldest student newspaper):

Not since 1905, when SMHI (Sweden’s Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) started measuring precipitation levels, has the country waited this long for the first snow to arrive. With the more than hundred-year-old record broken, Norrland (Sweden’s most northernly province) can finally expect snow for the upcoming weekend, though only a light blanket of about 1.5 cm. [18 November 2011]


  1. I hope it snows when we get there :D You've been doing a great job on the blogs! Haha I have been following all the while but somehow never left a comment (maybe because I thought you got enough family messages from Mum XD)

    - Your Bro


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