From Sweden to Switzerland...

My poor blog... I do feel like I neglect you all too much... I do love weaving stories to accompany my favourite photos, playing around with the layout... but all this takes time! With so many exciting (and not-so-exciting) things happening, finding time to write proper blog posts is difficult. I tend to write more when I'm away from Lund... Today I write from Basel, Switzerland :)
I'm sorry I don't have any pretty photos for you yet as I arrived just after 7pm and it was already dark... I caught the bus from the airport to the city and had to walk through the train station to get to my hostel. I'm pleased to say I passed many chocolate shops and one interesting-looking pretzel shop.
Travelling alone (yes, again!), a female in a foreign country, I don't like to go out at night... Unless I'm meeting with a friend in the city I'm in, I prefer to stay in the hostel, updating my blog and writing a letter or two. Reading for 'Swedish Politics' (my final subject) can wait a little while... Speaking of which, I got a 'B' for 'Global Governance and Democracy', yay! Super happy :)

P.S. This post was really too boring with just text so I 'cheated' with photos from the tourist board's website... Stay tuned for more tomorrow...

P.P.S. On second thoughts, I do have a photo to share :) It doesn't quite capture the vibrant colours of the Swiss Franc but I think it's pretty!


  1. Dad/Mum: None of your post is too boring! Love to read your blog!


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