Calfornia Dreamin'

All the leaves are brown...

...and the sky is grey

I was waiting at the traffic lights last week when the autumn breeze sent a shower of yellow leaves shimmering across the sky. It was pure magic... I forgot where I was for a moment... admiring what seemed like a scene out of a movie. Yes, it was that mesmerising... I do love autumn. The slight chill in the air tells me winter is just around the corner but I love watching the leaves change colour but most of all, I love feeling the cool breeze on my face as I speed downhill on the way home late at night. I've never felt more alive...


  1. Dad/mum: It's so quiet & peaceful!

  2. Just caught up with your latest blog posts :)
    Seems like you are having an amazing time! I agree with you about autumn leaves...definitely one of my favourite things

  3. Hi Janelle!

    Yay! The blog has finally decided to play nice with you ;D Definitely having an amazing time and can't believe I'll be back in only nine weeks! Autumn leaves remind me of our time in Japan, especially Kyoto :)

    Winter (and Christmas) is just around the corner but it's been an unusually mild one this year. No snow yet... It apparently started snowing in October last year! I'm sure it will snow eventually... Looking forward to my first white Christmas!

    Shling xoxo

    P.S. I found Christmas Rekorderlig cider (apple and cinnamon flavour) but am yet to try it!


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