P.S. I love you

Dear Stockholm,

I remember waking up early one Friday morning to catch a train to meet you. Watching the autumn sun shine upon the shifting Swedish landscape gliding past my window, I couldn't help feeling like the luckiest girl in the world...

Who wouldn't fall in love with a café this cute?
I arrived to meet Marisa and her gorgeous son Louie... the cutest, most cheerful baby I've ever met :) We chatted over coffee and cake before she and her husband Tobias invited me back to their apartment for dinner. I simply couldn't have asked for a better welcome... I can't thank you enough :)

I spent the next two days exploring the various faces of Stockholm... Rather than rushing from one attraction to the next, I wandered around absorbing the general vibe of each island. As a result, I never once felt like a tourist...

I visited the Vasa Museum and yet another Parliament House... 

Vasa Ship: 333 years-old, recovered from the depths of the sea
Sunday afternoon, I caught up with Johanna, who was on exchange at my university last semester. This meant hot chocolate and more cake, yay! I'm going to miss fika (a popular Swedish pastime that translates roughly into 'coffee break', usually with cake or something sweet) so much... Sure, we catch up with friends over coffee in Australia too but it's just not the same!

With Johanna at Gamla Stan

KTH Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (Royal Institute of Technology)
My stay concluded with Johanna giving me a brief tour of her university KTH (beautiful campus with interesting art installments scattered throughout) and some last-minute shopping before the stores closed... I thought I would return to Lund more stressed about my final essay but came back more refreshed!

Stockholm... I was so captivated by your beauty I planned my next visit as soon as I returned from my first. Appreciating all your lovely charms within two and a half days is just not possible. Believe me, I know...


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