My first Dinner Party!


I felt very 'grown up' hosting my first dinner party last Thursday :) It was absolutely worth spending a day in the kitchen to see the happy faces of my beautiful new friends, laughing, chatting and just generally enjoying themselves! I was really surprised but pleased at how well everyone got along.

A few I knew from class, two from the Association of Foreign Affairs (of which I am part of the PR Committee), two from Sydskånska Nation, some through the parties of other friends. We were a mix of Swedish, Japanese, French, Canadian, Turkish, American and Australian girls, lots of giggles!

I was so worried about not cooking enough food (two broccoli and cheese pies, salad, roast vegetables and chocolate muffins) but in the end, it was just enough as my friends brought brownies, cake, garlic bread, fruit salad, mini cinnamon buns, hummus dip, spring rolls and ice cream!

I ran out of forks so a few of us had to make do with spoons... The plates were mismatched... We had just enough (!) seats for fifteen people... But in any case, it's the people who make a party and for this, I am most grateful to have met and become friends with every single person in the photos above :)


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