#noted16 - all the feels...

Two weeks ago, the last tables and chairs were stacked away as Noted 2016 came to a close.

Lucy and Yas gleefully (read: somewhat ruthlessly) deflated the balloons you see below. The letter 'D' escaped to the ceiling. Amidst the heady fumes of helium, there were hugs all round.

Noted has been part of my life for the past six months and it's been INCREDIBLE.

The day after returning from National Young Writers' Festival, bubbling with the anticipation of my 'next big project', I received an email from Yas that would change my life. I just knew it.

The first person I called was Mum. Naturally, she was concerned about me taking it on but there was no way I was turning down the role of Live Producer.

(It felt right. At a time when most things did not.)

The videos in my last post give you a flavour of Noted but the best way to experience any festival is to be there. We do have plenty of digital content here so you haven't missed out!

(Highly recommend: Bri Lee on personal brandingElizabeth Flux on pitching to a publication and Neha Kale on freelancing. Other Boring Bits videos cover crowdfunding and copyright.)

Noted was a force of its own, tugging and pulling us along for the ride.

Single-handedly delivering programs from one side of Canberra to another, lugging chairs to the High Court and back... the sheer physicality of putting a festival together caught me by surprise.

Standard response to how I was holding up: 'I'm running on adrenaline and good will.'

Below are a collection of memories:

1. Postering Kingston on Tuesday morning in a classy Review dress. (Talk about contrast!)

2. Thank you chocolates from Quindell Orton of Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre xo

3. Kaaron Warren's horror-writing workshop at the National Film and Sound Archive

4. 'Passing the Pen' from the old Scissors Paper Pen team to the new

5. Speak Uneasy exhibition by Caren Florance, Nicci Haynes, Jane Rawson and Shags

6. Mark Fletcher on the role of the law at the High Court

7. Book Swap Speed Dating (stop 2 of Lit Hop)

The last is my favourite because at the end of the day, it's the people that make a festival xoxo I'm so happy and privileged to have worked with such an amazing team, volunteers and artists.

Even as a writer, I can't find the words to describe all the feels... so THANK YOU.

#Noted16 may be over but it'll live on in memories. (and twitter.)

Until next year.



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