be still, my love

"How's the writing going?"

"I haven't been writing very much lately," I frown. (and... repeat.)

Writing is like exercise. If you don't write, your writing 'muscle' goes flabby. Simple.

Having blogged fortnightly for ACTWC and reviewed for BMA, I thought I'd clear the decks to work on my personal projects (i.e. memoir and submitting to journals and competitions) but no... 

I miss those deadlines. 

More accurately, I miss the discipline they impose.

Post-Noted, I've been obsessively on Twitter (over 200 followers, wow!), pondering my next move... and out. almost. every. night. This week: drinks, book launch and dinner with friends.

I'm always thinking of my 'next project'. What I have achieved to date is never good enough... I need to 'prove' myself. Time is limited and I'm ambitious. Greedy for all life has to offer. Yep.

A poem a friend sent me today reminded me to be still and appreciate:
I exist as I am, that is enough, 
If no other in the world be aware I sit content,
And if each and all be aware I sit content. 
- from 'Song of Myself' by Walt Whitman -
Thank you H.

I plan to rest this weekend. I'm tired.

On the plus side, four five very nice things happened this week:

1. Belatedly came across email asking if I'd be interested in reviewing for Verity Lane and said yes. (Reminder: check Spam folder!)

2. Went to the launch of Where The Trees Were by Inga Simpson and left feeling inspired. It features Canberra and the public service. There are not enough books about either, I think.

3. Also at the launch, Rosanna Stevens, who I really, really look up to, introduced me to Inga as 'a cool person in Canberra'. My developing 'lit cred' is thanks in large part to Rosie xo

4. I pitched a piece (to be revealed...) and it was accepted. Hooray. Writing goal. Deadline.

5. Wendy Chen (another young Asian-Australian writer, yay!) sent me a message so I've made a new Twitter friend. You can read her work here.

(Gosh, I've missed blogging!)


  1. Yay you are blogging more frequently which makes me happy. Looking forward to reading your pitched piece that was accepted. I also agree, if you don't write enough it gets so difficult to get back into writing mode! Hope you have a relaxing weekend xx

    1. Ha ha, I miss blogging! Thanks for reading and commenting Nashrah xo (Keeps me motivated!!!)

      We'll see how well I keep up in the next few months - with Europe and all! On the plus side, I've always quite enjoyed travel blogging. Today was mostly spent taking pretty Polaroids and shopping - but time to put pen to paper!

      Hope you have a lovely weekend too xo


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