There is something undeniably intimate about blogging.

(This was once a private blog. For the eyes of those with an email invite.)

I still treat mine as a diary of sorts.

My mostly uncensored thoughts. (Lightly edited.)


What I love about blogging
  • The ability to self-publish instantly. on a global-scale. for free.
  • The friends I've met
  • The visual aspect. I spend hours playing with layout and photos...
  • The ability to share music, videos and links

Do not underestimate blogging. It may seem 'frivolous' but blogging is writing too. 

Yet another style. Less restrictive. Thankfully.


While we are on the topic of blogging, you can find a list of Blogs I Like on the right. 

Two excellent writing blogs I've recently discovered are by Sophie Overett (like: 25 Before 26) and Writer of Oz by Sophie Lovell. I also highly recommend Writer's Edit and The Writers Bloc.

P.S. This weekend was mostly relaxed but productive. Four weeks until Europe!!!!


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