Wrote a little story on producing Noted for The Writers Bloc.

It’s the second afternoon of Noted writers’ festival and I’m racing the clock, criss-crossing Canberra, leaving a flurry of programs from Gungahlin to Tuggeranong.

Me: “Is there a bookshop I could leave programs at?”

Librarian: “There is no bookshop in Gungahlin.”

As I leave, I picture a shy, bookish teen finding her people and resolve to deliver programs to every library in the ACT. Having grown up in the western suburbs of Melbourne, I didn’t want anyone to miss out. This festival we’re producing is for everyone, not just inner-city ‘literary types’.

I remember workshops with local writer Margaret Campbell as a child, the stickers and the joy in laminating a book I had written and illustrated. Reading was a means of escape, a way to forget how I never quite fit in at school. For the first time, I was someone, someone with stories worth telling and listening to...

You can read the rest here.

So, I said I was feeling much, much better in my last post.

I meant less anxious. I've actually been sick ALL week. I suppose it's my body forcing me to take a break after being out late every night between 13 and 24 April, except two.

What have I been doing, you ask.

You Are Here (13 - 20 April): I attended every night but the highlight was Everything At Once and All Together, a Friday night street-party in Verity Ln. Video projections. Music. Pop-up bars. Art. everywhere. I felt like Alice down the rabbit-hole... I'd never seen anything like it. LOVE.

A friend's 30th birthday. (The first I've been to, I think.)

Shivers (and tears) from seeing Vera Blue perform live. Next. Big. Thing.

Another friend's 25th birthday.

Dinner and late-night tea with a very dear friend I hadn't seen in a while.

And the final straw... Groovin' The Moo (24 April). You may recognise some of the artists below from previous posts. If not, highly recommend.

Was it worth it? Falling sick, yes.

Gordi Soundcloud | Website
NGAIIRE Soundcloud | Website
Vallis Alps Soundcloud | Website
MS MR Soundcloud | Website
SAFIA Soundcloud | Website
ODESZA Soundcloud | Website
Alison Wonderland Soundcloud | Website


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