this time

Been in Malaysia the past few days with family.

Visiting relatives. Eating. Shopping. Eating.

I was last in Malaysia in 2008, just finished high school.

Then, I did not want to be here. I wanted to be in Melbourne to receive my final results, with everyone else.

Sulky to the point of tears.

Looking back now, it was silly and petty.

(I suppose most teenagers are but that's no excuse.)

Anyway, I'm here now
and it's not as bad as I remember.

Still dirty and smelly at times but I'm ok with that

Helps that it isn't as hot and I haven't been ravaged by mosquitoes. Also, the fact that I do want to be here.

This time.

I want to see my grandmothers. Where my parents grew up.

To piece together where they (I) came from.

Shophouse where Mum grew up
Neighourhood where Dad grew up
Like it or not, Malaysia is a part of my history too.

(and always will be)


  1. Hope you are safe in the storms .

    1. Thanks Warrick, we've been caught in the rain a few times but not the floods fortunately. Will post more photos when I'm home. Flying back tonight!


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