The year that was... (2014)

After the excitement (new city, new job) of last year, 2014 was comparatively subdued.
A year of reflection.

Read (Lolita, Dracula). Blogged.

Learnt some difficult lessons. Forgave myself and others.

There was New York. Music. Sunlight.

But importantly, friends who listened and made me laugh.

Two girls I met at 'networking events' last year and one at Christmas in July this year. This picnic.

A colleague who is now a dear friend (via Snowpiercer).

And of course, my darling family.

I wondered at times if I had made the 'right' decision.

Once upon a time, I wished we could change things. 

Not so much now.
This year was a reset, of sorts.

Regret less. Forgive more.

(and started wearing lipstick xo)


  1. You are amazing, and I am so glad that both our life choices lead to us meeting this year. x

    1. Lisa, YOU are amazing. I feel so, so lucky to have met you this year xoxo


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