sightseeing (part 1)

10 days later, we're home. 

Writing retrospectively, some days were more 'blog-worthy' than others so I won't follow my usual day-by-day format.

(Waiting for the dentist, shopping etc.)

We generally do a side-trip to another country while in Malaysia but because this one was so short, Mum organised day trips to Cameron Highlands and Ipoh instead.

I've always wanted to see a little more of Malaysia.

Perfect, really.


22 Dec - Caught the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands after breakfast in Chinatown (photos below).

Chicken congee - my favourite!
Arrived late afternoon. Rested a little then trekked down to the markets in bright plastic ponchos (Mum's idea).

View from hotel window

Steamboat for dinner, delicious fun.


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