sketches (and paintings)

Abstraction-Création: J.W. Power in Europe 1921-1938 will be at the National Library (25 July - 26 October 2014).

While relatively unknown as an artist in Australia, it turns out Power was one of our most successful and accomplished expatriate painters of the interwar years. 

Happy discovery indeed.

Danseurs (Dancers) (1933-34) - J.W. Power

Flowers (c. 1933) - J.W. Power

Paysage (Landscape) (1934) - J.W. Power

Love the colours and how one has to look twice to 'see'.

Interestingly, I found his sketchbooks just as intriguing as his paintings. A glimpse of what could / will be. 

(Like this blog, I hope.)


You can read more about the exhibition here.

Or see it yourself at the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Melbourne (15 November 2014 - 1 March 2015).


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