On sleeping in (day 3)

Accidentally slept in so I missed a sight-seeing cruise.

Watched New York pass me by instead.

It was refreshing.

Cnr 49th St and 6th Ave
I have a limit for 'tourist-y' things. 

The pressure of taking a 'good photo'. The crowds.

Avoiding other people's photos (every second minute).

Water Lilies - Claude Monet (1914-26)
I was captivated by the number of people having their photos taken with 'famous paintings' at MoMA. 

(And cringed a little to be honest.)

Below are photos from Top of The Rock.

Uptown (darkness = Central Park)
Downtown (bright light = Times Square)
Perhaps it was a good thing I missed the cruise.

I want to get to know the 'real New York'...


  1. Beautiful lights from Top of the Rock

  2. It's fun to do spontaneous things :D


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