Boston (day 7 - 11)

I'm writing this from Buffalo after five days in Boston. 

Boston is a charming city, full of history (which I appreciate despite my general lack of knowledge).

The highlight was catching up with my friend An. We met in Lund and hadn't seen each other in two and a half years.

Saturday 24 May - Arrived in Boston and went to a concert in the evening (amazing, one of the best I've been to)

MØ (from Denmark)
Sunday 25 May - Went on a 'private tour' of Harvard University and met An's family for dinner

Widener Library
Monday 26 May - Day trip to Plymouth

Replica of the Mayflower
Tuesday 27 May - Tour of Boston Public Library (most beautiful I've seen) and 'Duck Tour' (tourist-y but fun)

Wednesday 28 May - Tour of Massachusetts State House (another Parliament House to my list) and shopping

House of Representatives

Halfway through my trip already!


  1. It is nice to visit/see An again. Shu-Ling :) Good photos.

  2. The duck tour looks pretty cool! The lights reminds me of the Vic State library (again)...Food also looks amazing :D


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