Liberty + immigration + rabbit (day 6)

Today was the first day of less-than-perfect weather.

On the bright side, it made climbing to the crown of the Statue of Liberty rather pleasant. (Imagine the heat!)

Worrying about being late and extremely strict security was not so enjoyable. The crowds also tested my patience.

It was interesting to watch the frenzied snapping of photos (and selfies) as we drew close to the Statue.

Inside the Statue of Liberty
Inside the Crown
Obligatory photo
The ferry stops by Ellis Island ('Island of Hope, Island of Tears') on the way back to Manhattan. From 1892 to 1954, over 12 million immigrants passed through Ellis Island.

The Immigration Museum moved me to tears. Just imagining the emotions, the sacrifice, the separations/reunions...

I haven't been through the 'process' of immigration myself (yet) but I'm the product of immigration. That's who I am.

The photo below caught my eye because the boy on the far right looks like my brother at that age. Very cute.

Finished in the Financial District (mainly office buildings) and then dinner and cocktails at The Dead Rabbit (where I also had two enjoyable conversations).

Ah, the joys of travelling by oneself.

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