New York (day 1 + 2)

(So much I could write but I want to keep this short.)

After (many, many) hours of airports and flying, I emerged from the subway on the corner of 34th St and 8th Ave.

Little thrills of excitement ran through me.

I was in New York.

I'll fill in the gaps later but for now, here are photos of Times Square (it didn't seem right to stay in my room on my first night), Brooklyn Bridge and the High Line.

Not everything about New York is pretty but there is a certain 'vibrancy' about the city. It bubbles with life.

You could live here for years.

And only scratch its surface.


  1. Dearest Daughter

    Yeah, happy to see you in New York. Have a good time.


  2. Glad you see you arrived safely :D

    The weather looks very fine and the scenery is great!


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