Sydney (22 March)

Spent yesterday (aimlessly?) wandering around Sydney with Mamiko. 
  • We started in Surry Hills (ice cream at Messina, sooo good...)
  • proceeded to Woolloomooloo (the name piqued Mamiko's curiosity)
  • Royal Botanic Gardens and Art Gallery of New South Wales
  • walked through the CBD to Darling Harbour (photo below)
  • and finished back at Surry Hills, dinner with two other friends.

The gallery was an unexpected highlight. I have a fondness for pretty pictures (and gallery shops). 'Recent acquisitions' to my (postcard) collection below.

Rhythmic composition in yellow green minor caught my eye three years ago (and again) but curiously, I now prefer Botanical Gardens, Sydney. After the melancholy of last Saturday, I find it soothing just when I need(ed) it most.

Rhythmic composition in yellow green minor (1919) - Roy de Maistre

Botanical Gardens, Sydney (1918) - Roy de Maistre

Syncromy in orange major (1919) - Ronald Wakelin

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