On why I blog

I can see myself clattering away on a typewriter in a past life. I guess this makes my laptop a close equivalent.

As I was taking the photo below, it occurred to me that every blog post begins the same way - with a blank page. 

Waiting to be filled.

Like life itself.

As my one-month project draws to a close (and I move on to others), I want to say thank you to my long-time readers.

As much as I enjoy writing for myself, knowing friends and family are also enjoying Lagom lycklig means a lot to me.

Originally a travel / exchange blog, it evolved into a blog about Canberra and grew increasingly introspective.

I have wondered on occasion if it was narcissistic to expect others to find my musings interesting but hope (and try) to touch upon some universal themes in my writing.

The happiness found in the everyday (and the novelty of travel), nostalgia / anticipation, friendship and family, 'growing up', gratitude, a desire to record (and share...)

So don't worry, I'll continue blogging. Just not everyday.


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