Yes, I study too...

This Sunday I will have lived in Lund for 9 weeks... I feel like I have been here forever and it hurts a little to think I will be leaving in just over three months. This is not to say I'm against returning and seeing you all. Deep down, home is Melbourne with my family but right now, home is a student corridor in Lund.

The view from my room

The common living area - it seems so lonely when no-one is around...

This week I had my last lectures for 'Global Governance and Democracy' and 'The Politics of the Environment and Sustainable Development'. I had six 2-3 hour lectures for each subject - one per week - and every second week a seminar for GGD. This equated to 5-8 contact hours each week but we were given copious amounts of reading and group work to make up for this! The next two weeks I will be writing my final papers due 25 and 28 October.

My room - I live between two corridors but technically belong to the left
I'm frankly a little worried about finishing both on time but I'll have to try my best... Wish me luck! It doesn't help that I plan to spend the weekend before they are due in Stockholm (21-24 October) and will be in Gothenburg for a whole day tomorrow but I booked both at least a month ago so oh well...


  1. Dad/Mum: Yes, Shu-Ling, you will be absolutely FINE in your essay writing. GOOD LUCK.


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