Thank you :)

I will have lived in Lund for exactly eleven weeks tomorrow :) I'm already halfway through my exchange! Looking back, this has definitely been one of the best decisions of my life. Being away for so long, I have learnt things about myself and those I love... I never knew, for example, my dad's talent for writing letters or that my mum could draw such cute pictures!

Guess which one is me...
I've come to realise how much certain people mean to me... Switching on my laptop to find an email from a close friend or opening my letterbox to find something other than an invoice for rent never fails to make my day.

I know I go on and on about how much I love Lund... the city, the university, the new friends I've made, the travelling, working at one of the student nations (to be explained) and of course, the occasional party... I feel so incredibly lucky to have been given such an amazing opportunity. But you know what makes me feel even more lucky? Knowing I have your love and support no matter what happens and wherever I might be in the world xoxo


  1. Dad/Mum: Dad has hidden talents. Oh.. mum can't draw well - very happy you like my picture :)

  2. A hidden talent I appreciate very much :) And don't be silly, it's a gorgeous, super-cute picture. Love it!


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