Mushrooms, fika and dancing the night away...

Those of you who know me well must know much I love words... I've long had this dream of being published by the university newspaper but I hate being told what to write by snooty editors! The readership of my blog may be extremely limited but at least I'm free to write about whatever I like :)

Temporarily freed from the shackles of essay writing, I can finally write about Saturday 1 October. Morning: mushroom picking, afternoon: fika (coffee break) with friends, night: pretending to be Cinderella at my first ever ball!

With the mushroom expert
Mushrooms... yay!
And my new friends!
The weather was gorgeous... We've been really lucky this past week with the temperature hovering around 20 degrees. It's so cute to see the Swedes lining up for ice cream and acting like it's summer. I must admit I also had ice cream on Friday - one scoop of saffron and one of apple and cinnamon :)

But I digress... The International Desk at university arranged an excursion to pick mushrooms. It's something I've always wanted to do and was a bit like hunting for Easter eggs. Quite difficult at first but I got better over time! The best part was chatting over coffee and cake with my new friends Misaki, Sonomi and Misato :) It brought back all my happy memories of Japan...

After fika, I went home to quickly cook my mushrooms and get ready for the ball. The night began with a formal three-course dinner. I was seated at the end of the table with an Italian, German and Belgian (below, left to right).

We proceeded to the ball at midnight. A real ball with a real live band playing jazzy music... I'm afraid I didn't take as many photos as I should have so I'm sorry these will have to do... I just didn't think to take more at the time!


  1. Dad/Mum: What a lovely day! Wonderful morning and beautiful evening!

  2. Hi Shling!
    The blog & I are on again in our on-off relationship :P yay!
    That seems like a great way to spend your weekend :) xx

  3. 1. Wow Shling I never knew you liked writing :) Although I should have guessed from this blog!
    2. You went mushroom picking that sounds amazing and super whimsical!!
    3. Those ice cream flavours sound amazing.. I want saffron ice cream, was it nice?
    4. I love your dress, it is the best green. Reminds me of Keira's atonement dress hehe.
    Hope you've been well Shling!

  4. Dad/Mum: It was just one of many beautiful days I have experienced so far... Miss you xoxo

    Janelle: Yay! You're back ;D I really am sorry the blog is giving you so much trouble... Yep, it was a wonderful weekend. So envious about the MEF reunion in Sydney though...


    1. Ha ha, I must admit there are certain forms of writing I enjoy more than others...

    2. Now that I think about it, searching for mushrooms in a forest was a pretty magical experience :)

    3. My friend commented on my very 'Swedish' choice of ice cream flavours when I came out. Saffron was super yummy but my favourite so far as been fläder (elderflower)... another very 'Swedish' flavour!

    4. And thank you for the compliment! I love Keira Knightley and I especially love her dress from Atonement... (Ha ha, my mum also said it reminded her of THAT dress!)

  5. I love mushroom picking too, Shu-Ling! Whenever I visit Finland in late summer, I enjoy it! In Japan, most of the mushrooms are brown, so I hesitated to pick yellowish mushrooms in Finland at first just because they looked poisonous. But they tasted so good when I sauteed them with cream, butter, and chopped onions. Good to know that you met some Japanese students there :) Saffron-flavored ice cream is new to me! Hope to taste it someday. Wow, you look great in that green dress! Stay well and enjoy yourself every day :)

  6. mushroom picking in the forest!?!??! something i'd definitely do if that happens in melbourne!!! reminded me of smurfs :P

    the ice cream flavours are very interesting, maybe you can make some once you come back :D

    i've forgotten what atonment is about but i've seen it once.

  7. Miyuki: Mmm... the way you cook the mushrooms sounds so delicious Miyuki! You have to teach me one day :) I didn't know mushroom picking was popular in Finland too! Do you pick mushrooms in Japan as well? Yes, I'm so happy to have met some Japanese students here :) We will be going on a trip to Finnish Lapland in December which is super-exciting! I really, really hope I get to see Aurora Borealis... Saffron-flavoured ice cream was super yummy! Aww... thanks for the compliment! I love that dress... hope I have another chance to wear it soon ;) Thanks for your comments Miyuki! Take care and hope you're well xoxo

    Ginger: Ha ha, yes! Real mushrooms in a real forest ;) Ooo... we should definitely go mushroom picking together in Melbourne if there is such a thing! Ha ha, Smurfs... Ah... I'm going to miss the ice cream here! (Ha ha, reason to eat more...) Antonement is such a sad movie but the ending drags out a bit... Thanks for your comments Ginger! Hope the study/revision is going well and good luck for your exams ;)


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