Student Nations?

I've been promising you an explanation of the student nations for quite a while so here is... There are currently thirteen nations in Lund, each named after a different city or region in Sweden. You join one nation but that doesn't prevent you from taking part in activities organised by the others. They form an important and very unique part of student life here in Lund.

Queuing to get into the club Heartland took close to one hour...
Essentially large social clubs, their primary task is to organise extracurricular social activities such as pub and club nights, sporting activities, movie nights, lunch, brunch, afternoon tea, excursions, choirs, radio broadcasts... Everything is run by student volunteers and it is a great way to make new friends, especially Swedish ones. I've volunteered three times so far... cooking for pub nights at Sydsk√•nska Nation and baking at Krischansta Nation. 

With my 'co-workers' following my first shift at Sydskånska
Cooking for 100 people isn't something I've done before so you do feel as though you're being thrown into the deep end... but it's really more fun than it sounds! I've really enjoyed 'working' at the nations... Tiring but so worth it!

The kitchen at Krischansta... finally all nice and clean at 10pm!


  1. Mum: Good job! yes, it's fun cooking for 100 people, remind me of T.V. Masterchief episode cooked for a group of hungry army/navy.


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