Stockholm (day 4 - 6)

Day 4 (Wednesday)

Eurovision was surreal... Watching it on TV will never be the same. I cried.

I went two nights in a row and was blown away by the first. The second night was subdued (performance- and crowd-wise) but still fun as I went with my friend Pippa. We were filmed for SBS screaming, "We're part of the Dami Army". I've been told they used the footage!

Appear on SBS at Eurovision: tick.

Day 5 (Thursday)

Pippa and I had lunch in Gamla Stan. I'd forgotten how beautiful it is...

Afternoon fika with Marisa, then dinner with Johanna. More friends I hadn't seen in five years!

Day 6 (Friday)

Breakfast in S√∂dermalm and lunch in Kungsholmen with Kristoffer.

Bought second vintage dress (blue).

What I love most about vintage dresses is that they're one-of-a-kind. You have sift through each rack. Flip. Flip. Flip. Like the pages of a history book. But more colourful and gloriously tactile.

Slip potential 'new' dress off the rack. Hold it up to the light. 

If it looks like: 1. something you'd wear, 2. it'd fit and 3. is in your price range, take it to the fitting room. Shed your clothes for what was once someone else's.

(Did she live happily ever after?)

Reach behind and coax zipper up, taking care at the waist.

Today you're in luck. It glides perfectly.

Admire reflection. Step out to accept requisite compliments from shopgirl and strangers.

How could you thwart fate? It fits as if it were meant for you. (It will not always.)

The last of its kind.

Two makes a vintage dress collection in my suitcase.

Finished with drinks with Kristoffer and his friends. Stockholm, until we meet again xo


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