Stockholm (day 1 - 3)

Ah, Sweden... my second home after Melbourne. (Canberra, third.)

For those of you who are new, I lived in Lund, Sweden for six months on exchange in 2011/12. You can read my first post here. Sweden. changed. my. life. and I'm not one to exaggerate.

This isn't any old holiday.


I've been enjoying the novelty of each day stretching before me... I'm obsessed with planning but there was no time in the lead up to this trip. Which is perfectly ok.

Rather than ticking off tourist attractions, I'm in Stockholm for Eurovision and to see friends.

Day 1 (Sunday)

I'm fortunate to be staying with a friend in the 'burbs of Stockholm (20 min from city).

It's cosy and there's something wonderful about living 'like a local'.

Kristoffer met me at the station and we had lunch in the park. Glorious weather... 25 degrees. Which is unexpectedly warm, for me and Stockholm. It was snowing two weeks ago.

Ended the day with a picnic with Kristoffer's friends by the water. This. is. the. life.

('Twas cold as soon as the sun set.)

Day 2 (Monday)

Three exhibitions on show at the moment: Time and Again: Photography from The Walther Collection, I'll Be Your Mirror (Bettina Rheims) and - an exhibition about the right to exist.

The latter two were particularly touching.
I'm like a writer. I tell stories except I tell stories with my images. It's a fiction what I do. You can think it's reality. You can think they're portraits. But they're not. There's always a strange story behind it but at the same time I don't tell the story. I open a little door with a little key and the viewer can come into my image and make his own fantasy, live his own life, his own dreams. I don't give the answers. All I do is: ask a question. I think this is what an artist should be doing, opening new doors for people to enter new worlds, to think about things they haven't thought before.
- Bettina Rheims -
- an exhibition about the right to exist exclusively features models with Down syndrome.

PM: Wandered around Södermalm trying to find vintage and secondhand stores. Bought a summer dress because it was just too hot. Highlight: Papercut  (amazing magazine selection).

Dinner with Sara and her sister Anna who I spent Christmas with years ago.

Day 3 (Tuesday)

Waking and leaving home later each morning.

AM: Bought black cardigan from H&M (forgot to pack one) but shopping on Drottninggatan was uninspiring. Checked Emerging Writers' Festival program at midday.

I'll be speaking on a panel on arts and festival management Complementary Careers. Sooo happy to be part of EWF. Still pinching myself and literally cried when I got the invite.

(Check out my artist bio here, squee!)

PM: Travelled 30 min off of city to Rosendals Trädgård for lunch. Despite its obvious popularity, I spent a very peaceful (and delicious!) lunch surrounded by flowers and vegetable fields.

And of course, Eurovision...

Last night was a dream come true. More to come.


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