London (day 11 - 12)

Day 11 (Wednesday)

Spent the day getting from Reykjavik to London.

Cursed picking accommodation in Greenwich as I pushed my suitcase uphill.

(Everything felt better after a cup of tea and chat.)

Day 12 (Thursday)

Wandered Brick Ln from Bethnal Green Rd to Whitechapel High St.

Added to my vintage dress collection. 

The first is from the eighties (a decade I've never been particularly fond of but there you go...)

Given I covered the seventies and fifties in Stockholm, I naturally wanted a sixties dress. Tick.

I came across Rough Trade along the way and was in music heaven... a huge warehouse store where you can ask to listen to new records! Added to my also growing CD collection.

Fact: UK vinyl sales grew for the eighth consecutive year in 2015.

(Halfway through my trip, eep!)


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