on finding my way (back from you)

Gosh, I have so many dreams and goals.

Publications I'd like to write for. Publishing a book. Working overseas.

Like many, I get caught up in where I want to be and forget sometimes where I've been.

I decided late 2014 that I'd give writing everything I had for a year. If it went somewhere, great. If it didn't, I'd be satisfied and move on. Well, dear reader, it went beyond what I ever expected.

(Admittedly, I still have some way to go but I've made a start. And starting is difficult.)


2015 started with a literary guide to Canberra for Eat This Poem and ended with another for the ACTWC. In between, there were reviews of You Are Here for Scissors Paper Pen (1 | 2 | 3), HARDCOPY, reviews and features for BMA Magazine, blogging for the ACTWC, my first few paid pieces for The Victorian Writer (1) and Feminartsy (1 | 2) and producing Noted festival.

Why this list?

To remind myself of everything I've achieved. Because we are our harshest critics.


And this, is my new favourite song. I seriously cannot wait for Vera Blue's debut EP Fingertips.

Oh, standing on this wire
Makes me realise I am alive
And I won't settle...

See here for another 13 Australian female artists making pop cool again.

(Though to me, pop will always be cool.)

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