on creativity

I was sick for a WHOLE week last year after Laneway.

Thought I'd escaped this year but it struck a week later... now back to my usual tired self, yay!


I was strangely unexcited in the lead up to my fourth Laneway. 

I went mainly because I'd missed out on Flume's set at Groovin' The Moo three years ago but most of the artists I wanted to see were scheduled in the last two slots.

I wandered aimlessly between stages.

In my own way, I was saying goodbye to Laneway... my last, unless Lykke Li xo

Wrapping up projects in anticipation of new ones. 

Filed my last ACTWC blog post in February and book review for BMA on Thursday.

Noted launches Tuesday 15 March (the ACT Minister for Arts will be opening!) and the festival runs 16 - 20 March. We're on the home-stretch and I can't wait to see our work brought to life!!!

Until then, here is piece on creativity I wrote for Feminartsy.

For more inspiration, I highly recommend Belinda Love Lee (see: 'Honest Tid Bits') and Jasmine Dowling (see: 'Becoming Jasmine').

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