triple j's hottest 100 (of 2015)

For the third year running (!), five of the songs I voted for made the list.

This year, my housemate and I smashed my previous record of three guests (2014). Twelve!

It was the perfect mix (and number) of friends. We never had more than six people at one time so we fit neatly around the dining table. I like to think our party unfolded in three 'acts'.

(I) Lunch. (II) Afternoon tea. (III) Dinner.

There wasn't a lot of dancing... conversation and laughter, yes.

Good friends are hard to come by xo


Ginger and I danced to 'Young' - Vallis Alps and 'Hotline Bling- Drake.

And sang along to 'Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party' - Courtney Barnett.

I wanna go out but I wanna stay home...

(Utterly relatable.)

Oh, and someone has gotten me addicted to 'King Kunta' - Kendrick Lamar.

(recap of  2014 and 2013)


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